Vandalism Closes Down Park in Baldwin

“It always takes one or two kids to do something bad to make it mess it up for the rest of everybody,” said Sheriff Richard Martin of Lake County.

The Lake County park is closed down after it was vandalized and glass was found in the sand around it.

Hollister Park in Baldwin is now surrounded with caution tape.

The sheriff’s office says someone also urinated on the slides and now they’re looking for whoever is responsible for all the damage.

“It’s unfortunate because most of the kids who live around here are good kids,” said Martin.

Caution tape now surrounds Hollister Park in Baldwin.

A child was even hurt playing here yesterday.

“It’s too bad that they had to do that because it’s like a great thing for the community to have and it’s a great place for kids to hang out, especially the location,” said Zach Taylor, who lives nearby.

A bench was also destroyed with the seat ripped out and nails left up, exposed. This is just adding onto the destruction that the village is going to have to pay for.

“It’s a lot more expensive than people would think to have a professional crew come in here to actually do the cleanup. It’s actually going to be a few hundred dollars,” said Martin.

The Lake County Sheriff says professionals will need to be called in to remove all the glass.

“That’s not something you can just walk around and pick up. You’re actually going to have to have some type strain or some type of equipment come over and actually go through the sand,” explained Martin.

He’s asking whoever did it to come forward.

“It’s always good to start with an actual apology because then any penalty will be less than what it would be if we have to track somebody down,” said Martin.

Now they’ll be keeping a close eye on Hollister Park.

“We’re going to have to do extra patrols. We’re going to have to keep a sharp eye out, see who’s here, when they’re here and what they’re doing,” said Martin.