Ultimate Air Dogs Steal The Show at The National Cherry Festival

This isn’t the first year this event has drawn large crowds.

it’s a festival favorite, every year.

The ultimate air dogs have once again made their way to Traverse City.

“We travel the country, we come to great locations like Traverse City, Michigan. It’s just dogs running down a dock having fun and anybody can do it, anybody with a dog,” said ultimate air dogs owner, Milt Wilcox.

Kiya the German Shephard’s no newbie.

She puts the air in the ultimate air dogs.

But, Esther Brummette’s dog Wally is leaping into the fun for the first time.

“He’s never really had like anything he’s really competitive about but he loves this so we let him have it. Honestly I don’t care how far he jumps it’s just as long as he’s having fun,” said Brummette.

The fun isn’t just for the dogs.

“It’s a lot of fun. Every year we decide if we’re gonna bring our swimsuit or not because we get splashed so much,” said 12 year old Logan.

“It’s pretty cool, it’s surprising for some dogs,” said 13 year old Jackson.

You can still come out and see these talented pups.

The ultimate air dogs are making a splash throughout the day Friday and Saturday.

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