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Lake City Shows Off With The Greatest Fourth in the North

Promo Image: Lake City Shows Off With The Greatest Fourth in the North

It’s a day of celebration in America.

Independence Day brings out people’s patriotism but Lake City thinks they do it best, hosting the Greatest Fourth in the North.

“It makes me very proud that we have a community that’s very patriotic,” says Andrea Martin of the Lake City Chamber of Commerce.

Like many Northern Michigan towns, Lake City is decked out in red, white and blue this weekend but they call themselves the greatest of them all. The festivities kicked off yesterday and roll through Sunday.

“We have had a lot of turnout,” says Martin, “There were a lot of people in the park yesterday.”

The grand parade is the main event, but it just springboards the day.  With weather like this, the thousands in attendance spread across town.

“We came to the parade today, we’re gonna go to the beach, go home and grill out and then come back for some fireworks.” says Sean Thomas, a visitor from Hemlock.

It’s hard to tell who is a Lake City native and who’s a visitor.

“The alumni and the people that come back year after year that we don’t get to see, that’s the highlight of our year,” says Sara Colecchio, a Lake City resident.

It’s impressive to see what the Greatest Fourth in the North has become. The very first one was just a potluck in the park and now it is a multi-day festival that brings thousands of people to town

“The businesses all appreciate all the the traffic coming in,” says Martin, “A lot of people just back and forth.”

Maybe the only downside for the town is they try too hard to play great hosts, sometimes they forget to take a second to soak it in themselves.

“We’re really proud of it,” says Colecchio, “We all pitch in and sometimes don’t spend as much time with our people as we’d like to because we are trying to make it the Greatest Fourth in the North.”