Hook & Hunting: Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week

Thousands of boaters will hit Northern Michigan lakes this weekend and if you’re hitting more than one, you’ll have to be careful.

It is Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week in Michigan and it is a time for parks and the state to reiterate the importance of rinsing, drying and draining your boats when leaving one body of water and going to another. It can help ensure there is no cross contamination between lakes and introduction of potentially harmful invasive species.

“We already got the zebra mussels and we already got the milfoil but there are a lot of other bad things out there.” says Larry Richardson, Parks Director for Missaukee County, “In order to keep those out, the conservation districts and the DNR are really pushing. It’s actually a law now where you have to clean, drain and dry when you leave from one body of water to another.”

Many boat launches have designated areas for boats to pull over and dry off before leaving the park.

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