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The Four

Benzie Central Graduate Headed to West Point Military Academy

2019 graduates have crossed the stage and received their diplomas and now they are celebrating their final summer before starting college in the fall. But for one Benzie Central grad school is back in session. Sierra Pallin is heading to West Point Military Academy in New York.

“I have my boot camp which is 6 weeks and then I start school for four years and then after that I have five years of service in a branch that I choose,” says Sierra Pallin.

Saying Sierra excelled in High School is an understatement.

She graduated at 17 years-old, had a 4.0 GPA, was involved in countless extracurricular activities and made All-State for track and cross country.

So why is Sierra so eager to cut her summer short? Sierra says, “I’ve always wanted to give back and help people and that’s the biggest way I possibly could and to say that I’ll be able to serve my country is something very important to me.”

According to dad, Sierra has been disciplined since she was just a little girl. “Even when she was young I thought she was really special. She loved to suck her thumb when she was little but she would ask if it was okay if she sucked her thumb,” says Gary Pallin.

No matter where Sierra goes, her family and friends know she will always find her way back home to Benzie.

“She has very high goals and she has reached them and she has prepared a lot for this moment and it’s definitely her time to shine,” says Cierra Guay.