Torch Lake Sandbar Full of People, Extra Sheriff Patrols

Extra patrols are out on Torch Lake as boats and people fill the sandbar for Fourth of July celebrations.

“It’s been worse in the past but we aren’t to the fourth yet. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” said Ed Sell, a marine officer for the Antrim County Sheriff’s Office.

Hundreds of people, even dogs splashing through the sandbar on Torch Lake Wednesday to take it all in.

“The weather, the people, the view. I mean that’s not bad,” said Anthony Saeli, who is visiting Torch Lake. “We’re down here taking in the sights.”

While some come from down the street, Connie Krause and Andrea Hartong came all the way from Pennsylvania to see what all the hype was about.

“This is awesome and I wish I was 25 years younger, but it’s still beautiful,” said Andrea Hartong, visiting from Pennsylvania.

“This is great. I mean who would not want to enjoy and experience something like this,” said Connie Krause, visiting from Pennsylvania.

This was their first time on Torch Lake, but it won’t be their last.

“Why fly and go to the Caribbean when you can come here?” said Krause.

“Forget the ocean now. No more Ocean City, we’re going to come to Torch Lake,” said Hartong.

With these crowds of people expected to grow bigger Wednesday night’s for the fireworks and Thursday for the Fourth, the Antrim County Sheriff’s Office has three boats out patrolling.

“The biggest issue is on a day when the actual fourth is minors in possession of alcohol and it’s probably the biggest offenders out here,” said Sell.

But they say they’re not trying to take the fun out of celebrations.

“Just don’t do anything stupid. So if you’re out there and behaving yourself, no one’s going to bother you,” said Sell.