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The Pulse: Where To Go When You Have To Go

Being new to Traverse City, one of the first things I wanted to do was look for ways to interact and inform myself with the Grand Traverse community. A popular community page, Overheard in Traverse City, is filled with all varieties of local info, discussions, recommendations, arguments and suggestions. A particularly popular post was posted by Brandon T Nichols a couple weeks ago. The post received quite a few likes, shares and comments, but more importantly the post received a flood of suggestions. The question?

Where’s the best place to use the bathroom in Traverse City?

Are these bathrooms really that spectacular? I decided to check out these beloved bathrooms based off the suggestions on Brandon’s post to find out. Through the list I chose to check out 7 Monks, Apache Grill, Nolan’s, and Asian Buffet.

The Facebook post said that important factors to consider are things like privacy and the number of stalls in the restroom.

Apache Grill is my first stop and due to the National Cherry Festival week, the place is packed. The bathroom is just as busy, so it’s difficult to take in the full ambiance. The wallpaper is pretty and there is feminine décor. However, only two stalls made for a bit of a line. The stall doors are wood, which is nice, but it is not a fully enclosed stall. On a slower day this would be a very quaint and cute place to use the loo.

I stop at 7 Monks Taproom next and like Apache Grill, it is busy. The bar is dark and cool and it was nice to not feel the sun after a long walk. There are two fully private women’s restrooms, and one men’s fully private restroom. Does this suck on a busy Friday or Saturday night? Probably, but I don’t care because it’s a nice sized room and the purple soap smells like the Fabuloso my mom used to clean with. I am a fan.

I head down the street to Nolan’s and, like 7 Monks, they have fully private restrooms, one for men and one for women. If Don Draper were a restroom, he’d be this one. The room is dark and elegant and smells a little like fresh cigars and a little like an old fashioned. There is old school, ’20s era wall art and mints and mouthwash. Also, the lighting is really soft and flattering.

Lastly I went to Asian Buffet. The restroom had 3 enclosed stalls with long, tall doors. The décor is really modern and clean, and the colors are a calming color scheme. The only downside to this restroom is that the lighting is fairly bright and harsh. This is not confidence boosting lighting.

Much like parking, good public restrooms can be challenging to find in Traverse City. Being such a vibrant downtown area, access to a large public restroom would be helpful and convenient. It can be frustrating for both residents and tourists to be out and about and not know where an acceptable place to go is.

It was nice to see a post that sparked laughs and genuine tips and suggestions. People bond in strange ways.