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Bikes for Kids Winner #2

Promo Image: Bikes for Kids Winner #2

The second winner of the Bikes for Kids is Aaden Hale from Mount Pleasant!

Aaden will be a 6th grader at Shepherd Middle School this fall and was nominated for being sweet and helping others.

He will be going in for this 15th surgery at the end of July, but through all of his surgeries, he has always stayed strong and keeps a smile on his face.

Even with his challenges, he still takes time to help mow other people’s lawns and helping the handicap. He has a special place in his heart for being kind to the children in his class that have special needs, by being their friend, helping them in school and playing with them at recess.

Aaden continues to stay positive and looks forward to hopefully taking a family trip to Dolly World after he recovers this summer!


Congratulations to Aaden to his commitment to helping others from all of us here at 9&10 News!


Have a kid in your life that loves to help others and makes this world a happier, better and more fun place in the process?

Enter a deserving child (between the ages of 6-14) for a chance to be selected to win a bike, donated by Meijer and Barberi law.