The Green Team Keeps The National Cherry Festival Clean

The wet weather Tuesday certainly wasn’t ideal for visitors out at the National Cherry Festival, but it didn’t hold back any of the fun!

A festival full of people always comes with a lot of trash.

To handle that, the National Cherry Festival has a full team, the Green Team, taking care of not only trash but also recyclables.

As you’re enjoying the festival, keep an eye out for blue garbage bins with green lids.

That’s where you’ll want to toss those pop or water bottles, along with other recyclables.

The volunteers on this team even sort through the garbage to separate compostable materials.

“We have a great group of volunteers who come every morning and they clean up the grounds. We also have event directors who go ahead, they drive around all day, all night, all morning with their tractors attached and they’ll pick up all of the full totes and drive them back to American Waste, which staged in our volleyball court area,” said Alexis Bremer, National Cherry Festival director of operations.

The Green Team partners with American Waste and the DTE Energy Foundation and is run on volunteer power!

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