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Tech Tuesday: Make Your Fireworks Videos Pop

The week of fireworks is here!

If you’ve ever tried to photograph fireworks, you know it can be pretty tough.

For a successful shot, you’ll need a tricky calculation of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Oh, and throw in a tripod while you’re at it. My advice? Start by shooting video.

There are some apps that can easily take your fireworks videos to the next level.

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we show you three apps to help make your fireworks photos pop!

Make your fireworks shine a bit brighter with some simple effects from KiraKira+. This app adds a glimmering sparkle effect to whatever you are shooting. To add an effect to your fireworks video, just swipe right or left to choose from the app’s 13 subtly animated filters. You can then adjust the intensity of the effect using the slider bar. For your fireworks videos, crank this up nearly all the way so your finished video pulses and shines long after the finale!

Take a video of fireworks this Independence Day and transform it into a cinemagraph! For those who may not know, a cinemagraph is a still photo with isolated sections that move. When shooting a video for Cinemagraph Pro, try to frame your video so there is a clear separation between the fireworks display above and the surrounding scenery. Create something a bit unexpected by making the fireworks section of the photo still, but the scene below, such as water, is in motion. For best results using the Cinemagraph Pro app, mount your smartphone on a tripod or stand when shooting.

Transform your fireworks video into a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing color with Hyperspektiv. This psychedelic app creates trippy video effects reminiscent of ‘90s MTV. Just pick a video from your camera and apply a static filter, or record in the app to adjust the filter in real time. Then swipe around on the screen to create surprising movement and graphic dissonance. When you’re finished, your fireworks might not look like fireworks anymore, but your video will absolutely be captivating!