Otsego County Neighbors React to Deadly Officer Involved Shooting

An Otsego County man is dead after a deputy involved shooting Tuesday morning.

Otsego County sheriff deputies shot and killed 44-year-old Chad Williams just after 11 a.m.

Deputies went to his house on Old 27 road in Gaylord to check on his mental health Tuesday. When they arrived, Williams would not open the door.

Nearby neighbors told deputies Williams had threatened them with an ax.

The department returned to the home with a search warrant from a judge and found Williams wielding an ax, leading to deputies using deadly force.

Neighbors in the area are struggling to believe what happened.

Some thought all the commotion and the sounds they heard were people celebrating Independence Day.

“I thought maybe it was fireworks, because these guys next door they shoot fireworks all day long,” said neighbor Kyrie Carpenter.

She later learned that sound came from a gun used to kill her neighbor.

While some neighbors say they didn’t know Williams, they were concerned about his house.

Recently, a trailer popped up in the yard with weird messages written on it like “being held hostage,” “help,” and messages about the FBI and Homeland Security.

“I thought it was pretty weird, I was like is someone getting held inside the house? Did he put that on there and run from someone trying to get him?” Said neighbor Ethan Barnes.

Carpenter said Williams recently spray painted the messages on the trailer.

“I even pointed that out to my fiance, I was like, that’s kind of strange,” said Carpenter. “We saw it sitting there before but it was pure white before they painted it. ‘Help’ was what stood out to me.”

The commotion did not surprise neighbor Tim McGuire, who has seen law enforcement check up on the household in recent weeks.

Two nights ago, McGuire saw Williams light three large barrels on fire in his yard.

“In the last few days, there’s been cops there occasionally,” said McGuire. “I thought, well, this guy isn’t going to last long in this neighborhood, there’s nothing to worry about. So I guess obviously he didn’t, but I didn’t think it would come to that, you know?”

Law enforcement is still investigating the incident, including an autopsy.