Michigan State Police Investigating Deadly Officer Involved Shooting in Otsego Co.

“At about 11:11 this morning the Gaylord Regional Dispatch Center received a call that there had been shots fired.”

One man died after being shot by an Otsego County sheriff’s deputy Tuesday. No deputies were hurt in the incident.

Now Michigan State Police have taken over the investigation into what happened.

“We don’t have all the facts on that initial investigation but we can tell you that there was some sort of an altercation between a subject who lives at this residence and a neighbor,” says Michigan State Police Lieutenant Travis House.

According to state police, when deputies arrived with their search warrant, Williams was wielding an axe, leading to deputies using deadly force.

MSP detectives and crime lab are on the scene working to figure out exactly what happened. Also on the property is a trailer with several spray-painted messages about the FBI and Homeland Security.

“I think right now we can only say it’s a trailer with a bunch of statements on it in the front yard. The investigation will have to go on to see what if anything that has to do with this case,” House said.

Right now it’s unclear exactly how long the investigation will take but Michigan State Police tell us they will take all the time they need.

Next door neighbors are alarmed to hear a deadly shooting to happen so close to them.

9&10 News talked to people nearby about what they heard and saw when this all went down Tuesday morning. They say they heard what they thought were fireworks earlier, but learned that sound was actually from a gun and lead to someone dying.

The neighbors around the house didn’t know the people that live there, but said they were concerned about the home after this weird spray painted trailer appeared in the yard, wth messages like “help” and “held hostage” appeared on the side of it.

“I’m playing a video game that has gunshots in it so maybe, I thought, ‘I’m not awake enough.’ my cat even, I have a cat inside, and he kind of was reacting to it,”

Right now those that live nearby are still trying to get more answers on why this happened to close to their home.

Now we’re going to stay on scene to get you all those answers as they come down.