Traverse City Charities Pick IRONMAN Athletes to Help them Raise Money in Triathlon Charity Challenge

Athletes will race in the IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City next month, and local charities have picked five of them to help raise money for their causes.

The Munson Manor Hospitality House, Father Fred Foundation, Goodwill of Northern Michigan, the Great Lakes Children Museum and TART Trails are all participating in the first Traverse City Triathlon Charity Challenge.

Nonprofits will campaign for pledged dollars when their athletes finish the IRONMAN.

The Father Fred Foundation says the fundraiser helps promote their ideals of a healthier, stronger community.

“We all are working together to make it a stronger community and I love the whole fitness part of it, because I think that makes a lot of sense,” said Elaine Keaton, the advancement manager at the Father Fred Foundation. “Resilience and fitness, and just really helping our guests deal with many challenges.”

One of those athletes is 9&10’s very own Danny Martinelli, who will be competing on behalf of the Great Lakes Children Museum.

You can learn about each charity’s athlete and donate by clicking the names below.

-Father Fred Foundation

-Munson Manor Hospitality House

-Goodwill of Northern Michigan

-Great Lakes Children Museum

-TART Trails