‘Go for the Gold’ Pin Program Offers National Cherry Festival Attendees Chance to Win Big

The fun is just getting started at the National Cherry Festival, and 9&10 News will be bringing you live coverage all week long!

If you plan on getting down to the festival one of these days, a trip to the beer tent might be on your to do list.

But to get into the tent, you’ll need a special pin: One of the Go for the Gold pins!

The commemorative pins cost $5 each.

Most are silver, but if you’re lucky enough to get a gold pin you could be entered to win some pretty impressive prizes.

We spoke with legendary pin salesman and record holder Peter Garthe about what to do if you do get one of those gold pins!

“Gotta have a gold pin, gotta have an entry form, then them in at the pin tent right by the souvenir tent and you don’t have to be present. If you can’t make it, someone can stand in for you,” said Peter.

This year’s prizes include a 2-year lease on a 2019 Toyota, two plane tickets from United Airlines and a big screen LED HD TV.

If you’re looking to buy your pin, just find the Go for the Gold pin tent or one of the ambassadors at the Open Space!

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