Gaylord Community Schools to Get 2 Electric Buses This Fall

Some students at Gaylord Community Schools can expect to be picked up in a new kind of bus this fall.

Two new electric buses that will replace two of their diesel buses.

It’s part of a $3 million grant to bring electric buses to schools across the state.

Gaylord Community Schools is one of seven schools selected.

Electric buses cost around $350,000.

The grant pays for about 70 percent of that cost.

The school says they are excited to be part of this program.

“Our average bus we use about 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel a year so these two buses together we expect to reduce our use of diesel fuel by approximately 3,000 gallons. The time is right. We felt especially with this grant coming through to make it affordable for us to be part of that,” says Gaylord Community Schools superintendent, Brian Pearson.

Consumers Energy will install the charging stations at the school for free.

The electric buses are expected to be delivered in October.