U.S. Coast Guard Making Final Preparations for The National Cherry Festival Air Show This Weekend

The U.S. Coast Guard is making their final preparations for their role in the National Cherry Festival’s Air Show this weekend.

One last run through before these members of the coast guard take off.

“We wanted to go through all the procedures and the formation flight for the air show entry and the search and rescue demo that we are doing to make sure that everything is timed right and to make sure we have the proper coordination,” said U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant, Michael Haas.

Flying over Traverse City to Grand Traverse Bay to do their rescue demo.

“Typically it involves going out, approaching the water coming down to a hover and deploying our rescue swimmer,” said U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant, Erin Nolan.

Doing what they normally are forced to do under the pressure of life and death, this demo is just like the real thing, without the consequences and it’s something they love to share.

“It’s an honor for the air station to be a part of such a big event like this with people coming in from all over the country,” said Lieutenant Haas.

“As part of the Airshow here we host a lot of the military demonstration teams that are in the area for the air show, so they come and stay on our ramp and we provide them with the equipment that they may need while they’re here,” explained Lieutenant Nolan.

Like the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds who will also be a part of the airshow and even lt. Nolan is excited about that

“It’s pretty awesome, I love helicopters but there’s something special about jet demonstration teams,” said Nolan.

Before the air shows this weekend, the Coast Guard is hosting an open ramp Friday until 8 p.m. so you can see these aircrafts up close before they go up over Grand Traverse Bay.

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