Traverse City Police Prepare for National Cherry Festival

Final preparations are underway at the Open Space for the start of the National Cherry Festival.

And police say they’re ready to keep the crowds safe during the week long festival.

Traverse City police say their call volume can nearly double during the National Cherry Festival.

“You’ll notice this year, just like last year they’ll be a large police, sheriff’s department and State Police presence down at the Cherry Festival and we want to make sure that the festival is safe and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that happens,” said Capt. Keith Gillis.

Law enforcement will be stationed at a unified command center. State Police will also be on hand with a mobile command center.

“The mobile command center is available should something fail or become a problem that command center can be moved to another location, it can be run externally and gives the unified command to operate away from the current designated command center,” said Lt. Travis House.

Police are also preparing for traffic and a lot of it. And they have a plan for the busiest nights of the National Cherry Festival.

“We’ve assigned traffic points to help after the fireworks to empty the city for people that are coming in to watch the fireworks where they can go out the main, out Cass, out Division, and Garfield to exit the city,” said Gillis.

Police are also asking people to abide by that old standby; if you see something, say something.

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