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Retiring Well With Michael Reese: Stages of Investing

Your source for retirement finance tips comes to you every Sunday 9&10 News 11:30 a.m.; Retiring Well with Michael Reese.

Every week they focus on another way to help you put together a successful retirement.

They say this week they’ll be talking about the different stages of investing, and how to navigate a sometimes volatile stock market.

“We’re going to talk about the two different stages of investing, there’s this stage when you are in your working years and then that stage when  you get close to retirement, two different stages. We’re gonna talk about safety growth liquidity, and then basically how to navigate rough roads. The market can be volatile as a fourth quarter 2018 it lost 20% and then first quarter gained 20%,” says Larry Flynn with Centennial Wealth Advisory.

Retiring Well with Michael Reese is put on by Centennial Wealth Advisory.

Again you can catch it right here at 11:30 on Sunday.