Reminder Fireworks Can Be Triggering For Veterans and Your Pets

Next week is the Fourth of July and celebrations mean a sky full of fireworks for many.

But the noise can be a trigger for some people, including our military veterans and some pets can’t take the booming.

These loud noises can bring back some traumatic experiences for veterans.      

“Things like you know mortar attacks or maybe people who have died from motor attacks or deaths of loved ones,” said Sean Coopersmith, a clinical social worker with the Cadillac VA Clinic.

The VA Clinic in Cadillac reminds everyone to consider veterans during Fourth of July celebrations.

“They might be kind of sad things or very anxious things that might come up and they might want to talk about that with you so if they’re courageous enough and willing to talk to you about that, just to listen,” said Coopersmith.

They say to remember that every veteran has different experiences and should not all be treated the same.

For those who need it, the veteran’s crisis hotline is 1-800-273-TALK.

“If you are somebody who is out there and you’re thinking about setting fireworks off and you know that your neighbors are veterans, it’s very nice if you’re to go over there and talk to them about that,” said Coopersmith.

Fireworks can also be unsettling for some pets as well.

“It’s a natural instinct for dogs to be scared of fireworks and stuff like that so if there’s a way to get them used to it before the big shows,” said Jamie Croel, the GTCO Animal Control Supervisor.

Grand Traverse Animal Control says for those with pets who may be extremely scared, it could be a good idea to find a place for them to stay as fireworks shows go on.

“You can talk to your veterinarian about a possible sedative to help them and there’s a few other things you can get from Petsmart and different places that help with anxiety,” said Croel.

They say it’s important to keep doors and windows closed and collars on, in case your pet tries to run away.

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