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Hometown Tourist: Boyer Glassworks Studio and Gallery

If you’ve ever wondered what the process of blowing glass looks like, there’s a beautiful gallery and working studio in downtown Harbor Springs where you can see it.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take us there for Hometown Tourist.

“We have our glass hot glass studio right on the premises so there’s windows and a doorway that people can watch us work,” said Boyer Glass Works owner, Harry Boyer.

A visit to Boyer Glass Works in Harbor Springs is a feast for the eyes with bursts of color and watching the glass blowing process, while Harry Boyer and his assistant Mary Cash work to craft nature inspired functional and decorative pieces.

“So every almost everything that I make somebody has watched us make so it’s people really appreciate how difficult it is and how long some things take and the different steps so it’s you know a lot of people go away saying they were very glad to be able to see it. It gives them a much better appreciation of the work,” said Boyer.

Harry began his glassblowing career in college when he was studying science and decided to take an art class. He was hooked and hasn’t stopped since.

He moved up to Harbor Springs in the 80s and his shop has been a staple downtown ever since.

“It happened to be glass blowing was one of them the very first time I did it. I was addicted to it, it was amazing. The heat and the change of color and the fluidity of it and I really liked the speed of it,” said Boyer.

You’ll find gorgeous pieces ranging from vases to birds, pumpkins and now trilliums; the forever cherished wildflower of Northern Michigan.

“So the glass flows and so does the creativity and the work just keeps flowing along so I never believed, I never thought when I started that I would do it as long as I have been doing it, like 47 years,” said Boyer.

After 47 years Celebrating Northern Michigan molded into glass. Harry loves his work dearly but also the process of passing along and growing in his knowledge and expertise.

“Teaching Mary has really been you know as I teach her I have to concentrate on why I’m telling her what I’m telling her and I think I’m learning a lot during the process. We just help each other um you know we see things happening with the other person and we can encourage them to you know do more of that,” explained Boyer.

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