92 Year-old Set to Complete 220 Mile “Shore to Shore” Trail Ride

The bond between a horse and rider involves trust, faith and understanding. Especially when you’re taking on a 200 mile journey together from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. The Shore to Shore trail ride started back on June 15th and among those trying to complete the 200+ mile journey was 92 year-old Jane Gruenberg.

“You have to be physically fit and you have to be lucky in away. You have to be physically fit to do it, your horse is physically fit to do it and the right temperament and can handle the challenges along the way. And your equipment needs to hang in there,” says Don Miller.

Jane at 92 has completed the ride 36 times and is hoping to complete one more for her 37th. If she makes the 2 week journey she will become the oldest person in history to have completed the trail ride but for Jane, age is really just a number. Jane says, “Age never occurred to me. Just love what you do and it works out.”

The recognition isn’t what drives her. It’s about the joy it brings to her and her horse Holly. “The point is to enjoy and if I can get all the way across and love any minute of it then that’s what I’ll do,” says Jane.

When asked the secret of making it to 92 years old Jane’s answer was simple, “You just don’t die I guess.”

This serves as a reminder to all of us that life is short – do what you love. Her daughter, Linda says, “I think she inspires people to go do it. Go do it — whatever it is.” 


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