Water Works Salon Doing Their Part to Help the Environment

“I feel good about it! You know you can feel good about doing your part,” said Angie Evans, a client at Water Works Salon in Mount Pleasant.

A local salon is doing their part to be eco- friendly and encouraging their clients to do the same.

Water Works Salon in Mount Pleasant says they recycle everything they can.  

For every product purchased, they donate $1 to a global organization that cleans up water ways.

On top of that, they’re even in the process of developing more eco-friendly products.

“We used to be at six bags of garbage a week and now we’re down to less than one,” said Stephanie Beltinck, owner of Water Works Salon.

Beltinck says the less you can add to a landfill, the better.

“We started recycling everything in here. Hair foils, bottles of big jugs of products, everything,” said Beltinck.

They’re even getting clients on board too.

They can refill their product bottles and get 25% off or they can bring them in to be recycled and get $3 off their next purchase.

“If I can use my crazy hair products that I love and help out the environment, I mean it’s a win, win,” said Evans.

She says that’s what drew her in as a client.

“It’s all about helping our environment. They’ve really done their research on how much our products go back into landfills,” said Evans.

With that research, some new products could be hitting their shelves.

“We have a pending patent that we’re working on with the product container itself. It is endlessly recyclable container,” said Beltinck.

Beltinck says plastic is not endlessly recyclable.

It’s good for about two or three times.

They have more coming aside from the container.

“We have a different shampoo technology that will be using less water,” said Beltinck.

Something clients are looking forward to.

“If we all do something small, something little, it can make a huge difference,” said Evans.