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Southern Oceana County Welcomes Electric Forest Festival

For an area as small as Rothbury and New Era, it is usually a great boon to have thousands upon thousands of visitors spending a weekend nearby.

The Electric Forest Festival will bring in 50,000 people through Sunday.

For the most part, festival goers stay on the grounds but for the days they are coming and going, they bring big time traffic to the area and stop in and spend money.

Some restaurants and bars see a slow weekend because their regulars try to stay away but for a rowdy music festival, the community doesn’t seem to mind.

“We definitely look forward to it,” says Kathy Winston, owner of the Trailside Restaurant in New Era, “It’s a nice boost to the economy around here and we haven’t had any trouble to speak of for as many people as come. It’s been wonderful.”

Winston also says the festival has changed over the years, taking steps to lower the impact the loud music at night has on the surrounding areas.

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