Oil Leaks from Storage Tank into Walloon Lake

Crews in Charlevoix County have been cleaning up an oil spill on Walloon Lake this week.

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes and energy has been cleaning it up after homeowners on the lake noticed a strong smell and film on the water.

The spill happened at a construction site.

Demolition crews were working when they found a half full oil storage tank in the basement.

And when they went to remove it, oil leaked out into the floor drain, which empties to an embankment near Walloon Lake.

It’s not clear how much spilled, although the container was 250 gallons and was half full.

Pollution control crews say most of it got on the sediment near the lake but some did get to the water.

They have placed 60 feet of booms in the water to soak it up and they’re removing the sediment still.

The Coast Guard happened to be doing an oil spill drill nearby, and they actually came over to check out this real one.

They said they believe the spill cleanup efforts are sufficient.