Governor Whitmer Declares This Week Children’s Advocacy Center Awareness Week

Governor Whitmer declared this week as Children’s Advocacy Center Awareness Week.

Centers like the Isabella County Child Advocacy Center say it means a lot to get support from the state.

They use forensic interviewing to get the most information from a child involved in a criminal case while causing the least amount of drama.

The center not only helps families struggling in situations of either physical or sexual abuse of a child, but also works with the community on prevention.

They say these resources are crucial.

“It’s not something you want to talk to a kid about necessarily but we also want to get the conviction on the other end to stop the evil that caused the situation in the first place,” said Chief Luke Sawyer with the Shepherd Police Department and the chair person for ICCAC.

The Isabella County Child Advocacy Center says their goal is to help these children and bring justice for those who harmed them.