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Promo Image: SEEDS Annual Field Day at Historic Barns Park

SEEDS Annual Field Day at Historic Barns Park

More than 100 kids are learning through play at this year’s SEEDS Field Day at the Historic Barns Park in Traverse City.

SEEDS is a nonprofit based in Northern Michigan that specializes in after school programs and conservation.

SEEDS kids are putting their science, technology, engineering and math skills to work to create powerful technology. This year’s theme is Energize Me! Kids are learning how to create clean renewable energy and transfer that energy from one form to another.

Executive Director of SEEDS Sarna Salzman says, “Conservation, energy efficiency, renewable technologies and then we connect that with art. They’re playing with light bulbs, they’re playing with solar panels and making things move by using those solar panels, so there’s a light exhibit, and sound exhibits using solar panels, which is pretty cool.”

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