Kalkaska County Community Concerned After Deputy Loses Rifle

“I hope that whoever does have it, turns it in,” said Kalkaska County Under Sheriff, Dave Wagner.

What’s being called an honest mistake in Kalkaska County could have dangerous consequences; the sheriff’s office is missing an AR-15 rifle.

A deputy lost the gun more than a month ago, and it took a week for him to realize it was gone.

The deputy was organizing equipment on Boardman Road near Aldridge Street and placed the AR-15 on top of his patrol car.

He forgot about it and drove off.

A man who lives nearby says he saw the deputy searching for it.

“My wife and I both seen him walking down on the side of the road looking. You know we could tell he was looking for something. I had no idea what for,” said Paul Bugh.

But now he knows that deputy was looking for an AR-15 rifle.

He went back a week later after realizing it was missing to try and find it but he could not.

“I feel sorry for him that he done that, but geez slow down and think a little bit before you take off, especially when you’ve been messing around with rifles,” said Bugh.

He’s concerned it may have ended up in the wrong hands.

“If a kid picked it up or something, it would be a little concerning that’s for sure,” said Bugh.

Another man who lives nearby says whoever has it should do the right thing.

“If anybody finds a gun of any kind, yeah for sure turn it in. That would be the responsible, right thing to do,” said Patrick Priest.

The black AR-15 is engraved with the warning: “for law enforcement use only”.

“It’s a little distressing when anybody loses a gun and a deputy I know it’s an honest mistake but it’s a pretty big honest mistaken,” said Priest.

The sheriff’s office is asking whoever may have it to turn it in.

“Any dangerous weapon, be it a gun, knife, any type of weapons it could harm people so that’s what we’re concerned of,” said Under Sheriff Wagner.

The sheriff’s office says this was a truly an accident.

The deputy who lost it was disciplined, but they wouldn’t elaborate on how.