Kalkaska Co. Sheriff’s Office Asking for Help Finding Deputy’s Missing Rifle

A month after it initially happened, the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office is asking for helping finding an AR-15 that a deputy lost.

The sheriff’s office says it happened sometime between May 15 and May 20.

The sheriff’s office tells us the deputy put his AR-15 on top of his patrol car while he was adjusting some equipment, forgot about it and drove off.

The deputy who lost it continued on with his work day and due to training and days off, did not realize it was missing until nearly a week later.

When he finally noticed it was missing, he did some backtracking to try and find the gun but could not.

The sheriff’s office says it went missing on Boardman Road near Aldridge Street.

They are asking for your help to find the missing rifle.

If anyone did find it, the sheriff’s office is asking you return it to them.

Right now it’s not clear why the sheriff’s office is just now notifying the public about a missing rifle.

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