Cadillac Making a Comeback with Community Upgrades, New Ventures

Cadillac is making a comeback.

Several developments in and around the city are pumping new life into the once struggling business scene.

City leaders in Cadillac are focused on enhancing community amenities downtown to draw people to the area.

They started with the Cadillac Commons development, the multi-part downtown revitalization that included adding a splash pad, fire place, stage pavilion and covered market place.

The next step is the White Pine Trailhead complete with bike repair gear, a water fountain and picnic space.

Plus, the city’s first apartment complex in 15 years, the Cadillac Lofts, will move in by the summer of 2020. The lofts will feature 12,000 feet of retail space and 84 apartment units on Cass and Mitchell Street.

These projects and more are attracting attention and business into the growing area.

Last year, 10 new businesses moved to downtown Cadillac.

“A lot of times in small communities, you have 10 businesses show up because 10 businesses went out of business, but it’s not that way anymore,” said Joy VanDrie, the executive director of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau. “Cadillac has been on a consistent growth rate.”

VanDrie says nationwide, downtown city centers are making a comeback.

Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins says her team gets calls every day about business that wants to move in.

“There is a lot of interest in Cadillac, you know, we have developers contacting us weekly and daily,” said Filkins. “That says a lot about our community.”

To continue the upward trajectory, VanDrie says the community needs to keep investing in itself.

“It’s fun when we’re able to celebrate all of this growth and everybody’s just excited,” said VanDrie. “People are making money and they’re investing it back in their business, back in the community.”