Cadillac Child Taken to Hospital After Finding, Accidentally Poking Themself With Needle

Cadillac Police say a child accidentally poked themself when they found this needle outside.

It happened on River Street in Cadillac.

The child was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Police say the needle was empty and taken by EMS to be disposed of.

Dana Wilson is the executive director of Never Down for the Count Youth Services. They have a building here on River Street in the same area police say a child found a needle and accidentally poked themself.

“Well I wish I could say I was surprised but I was not, unfortunately. When we bought this building and cleaning it out we were finding needles out of this building because it had been obvious drug users we’re coming in for shelter to do their thing,” said Wilson.

He says it’s situations like these that are part of his inspiration for opening a community youth center in the area.

“We have to wake up here in Cadillac and in Wexford County. We have more TNT arrests happen in Wexford County than in the other surrounding counties and it’s not enough to just wring our hands and complain,” said Wilson.

Parents say they’ve seen needles in the area before.

“Walking my daughter to school in the greenway I’ve come across a needle or two every now and then. It’s been a while since I’d seen the last one, Talk to your kids about it. That’s all you can really do and just hope for the best,” said parent James Ball.

Wilson says it’s exactly why his mission continues.

“We need to do something and we need to change the direction and you change the direction by investing in your young people because when they have a direction moving forward, they know life has value then we can start seeing these tragedies become something we’re all shocked at and not going, oh yeah, I expected to hear that,” said Wilson.