Local Nonprofit ‘Never Down for The Count’ Holding Fundraising Banquet Thursday

A local non-profit is taking steps toward achieving their big dreams this week.

Down for The Count strives to improve the lives of kids in the Cadillac community.

Since 2015, they’ve been committed to opening and operating a community youth center.

It would provide programming to give young people a foundation to find their skills and talents in a safe place.

With the location selected, the non-profit now needs the community’s help to raise enough money to make the necessary renovations.

“The goal is to get them to graduate and not just a graduate from high school with the graduate with a plan, what am I going to do i’m going to go to college and i’m going to study a trade am I going to go immediately to work and mentors will be a big part of that,” said Executive Director, Dana Wilson.

Never Down for The Count is holding its first annual village builder fundraising banquet this Thursday at 5:30, at the Evergreen Resort in Cadillac.

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