Graceland Fruit in Frankfort Selling $4.5 Million in Dried Cherries to USDA

A Northern Michigan based company is selling $4.5 million worth of dried cherries to the USDA.

Graceland Fruit in Frankfort is set to start shipping dried cherries July 1st.

They found out about the government purchase this spring.

The Northwest Michigan Procurement Technical Center helped Graceland reach a deal for the dried cherries.

“We give them credit for giving us a call and we were able to just do a little bit of research for them. Make sure that when they’re actually ready to sit down and put the bid in that they wouldn’t run into any hiccups there. We just basically helped them enter their bid into a USDA System,” said PTAC Regional Director, Cathy Fairbanks.

Graceland plans to ship the dried cherries through September.