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Bikes for Kids Winner #1

Promo Image: Bikes for Kids Winner #1

The first winner of the Bikes for Kids contest is Ms. Caitlin Cummins from Cadillac!

Caitlin is a 9th grader this fall who was nominated for her kind and caring heart.

She has been visiting the Samaritas Senior Living Home daily for the past 3 years, singing and participating in crafts with all of her newfound friends there.

She also has a very special friend there, Teddy, who requests that she sings, “God Bless America” to him every night before sitting down for dinner.

Caitlin looks forward to continuing to visit and help bring them joy.


Congratulations to Caitlin to her commitment to spread kindness from all of us here at 9&10 News!


Have a kid in your life that loves to help others and makes this world a happier, better and more fun place in the process?

Enter a deserving child (between the ages of 6-14) for a chance to be selected to win a bike, donated by Meijer and Barberi law.