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The Four

Become a Big: Zoey

We are teaming up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan to help bring more mentors into their program for kids who need a big brother or a big sister.

Every week, we are introducing you to children who are on a list with thousands of other kids across Northern Michigan actively looking and hoping for a big brother or big sister.

Today, we meet Zoey.

Zoey is an adorable and sweet young girl with a big personality and she is full of silliness.

She loves gymnastics, dolls, and animals.

Her favorite book is Garfield.

She has two brothers and needs some extra one-on-one time so she can gain some confidence.

Zoey would love a big sister who can help her learn more about gymnastics and also bring out her inner girly-ness.

Zoey also wants to work with animals when she grows up.

If you want to become a mentor and possibly Zoey’s big sister,