Traverse City Police Address Drivers Going Around Eighth Street Barriers

Traverse City Police are battling a barrier issue.

They say people keep trying to drive through the construction zone on Eighth Street.

Police responded to two calls early Sunday morning, the other was early Monday morning.

Police say they arrested two of the drivers for drunk driving, the other was ticketed for ignoring the signs.

All three cars got stuck and had to be towed.

Construction on Eighth Street in Traverse City is hard to miss. And most locals say, they’ve learned to get around it.

“If you’ve been here for a while you kind of know how to navigate around, you just go to the side streets and actually Washington Street shoots you right through,” said Tim Brick.

But Traverse City police say it appears this weekend three drivers just had it with the detours and went around these barriers only to get their cars stuck. Two were arrested on drunk driving charges, the other was ticketed.

“The road has been fully marked since the beginning of construction and it was even posted prior to that. These signs are in place for the safety of the drivers, the construction workers, and also to prevent damage to vehicles and the construction that’s already occurred,” said D/Sgt. Matt Richmond.

And with The National Cherry Festival less than a week away, there’s the chance this construction could still catch more drivers off guard.

“Yeah it’s going to be confusing for the tourists for sure if they’re used to coming through Eighth Street, they’re not going to know the nuances of getting around this area that the locals know. I think once it’s done it’s going to be a great boom to the area, to all of Traverse City,” said Brick.

The construction remains on schedule for completion in late fall.