The National Cherry Festival Looking for More Volunteers

With the National Cherry Festival just days away, volunteer organizers say they could still use your help.

Right now, the National Cherry Festival has about 85% of the volunteers they need to help the festival run smoothly.

There are still several positions and shifts that they would like to see filled.

They need volunteers to sell pins, work the souvenir tent, help the green team with recycling, and also lend a hand at teddy bear tea.

“If you do have like a volunteer team through your business and you are looking for like a team bonding experience you can apply to be a volunteer team. Or if you are a community share group we do pay non-profits. So it’s a really cool opportunity for businesses too that aren’t non-profit just to do team bonding or non-profits to earn a little bit of money for their organization,” said volunteer intern, Jamie Cool.

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