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Mt. Pleasant Police Nab Credit Card Scammers

More than twenty victims stretched over several weeks, Mt. Pleasant Police crack a stolen credit card ring.

Two downstate men are in jail for stealing cell phones and credit cards from pockets, purses and coats at the Wayside Central bar in Mt Pleasant.

They are still searching for a third suspect.

Police say the men would steal the cards and take them to the local Meijer and try to purchase Visa gift cards through the self check out lane with the stolen cards.

After four weeks of reports, police were able to catch them in the act at the store.

While the case wraps up, police remind people to watch their backs to avoid getting hit themselves.

“Don’t leave your items unattended when you’re out conversing with other people,” says Officer Autumn Balcom of the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, “Don’t leave them alone. Try to probably not keep your debit card with your cell phones. I know that they make them convenient but if you do lose it then you have everything that’s exposed.”

Police believe the third suspect is on the run but they do know who he is and there is a warrant out for his arrest.