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CMU Addresses Nationwide Nursing Shortage

Central Michigan University is addressing the nationwide nursing shortage with an online nursing program, and they’re accepting applications now.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a 15% growth rate in demand for nurses by 2026, making it one of the fastest growing career fields. The National Academy of Medicine also reported most hospitals are trying to increase the number of staff nurses with Bachelor’s degrees to 80%.

For reasons like these, CMU has launched a new program online to help working registered nurses achieve their bachelor degrees in 12 months or less.

Kechi Ihedura-Anderson, the new CMU nursing director, says the nursing shortage hurts rural America the most.

“Most people when they graduate from nursing school get those experiences in hospitals and institutions that are close to where they live and then move into the larger cities, so that is really effecting the rural sections of a place like Michigan,” Anderson says.

Martin Tursky, President and CEO of McLaren Central Michigan, says this new program will help hospitals like his in a big way.

“We’re always looking for nurses whether they’re recently graduated, but especially experienced nurses, and it’s hard to find. We have an economy that’s really booming right now, health care is growing and there’s a lot of competition for good and qualified candidates,” Tursky says.

CMU is accepting from applications from licensed registered nurses now. The new program will start in the Fall of 2019. You can apply on CMU’s website under the