AG Nessel’s Deadline to Pursue Legal Action to Shutdown Line 5 This Week

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s promised to decommission Line 5.

“I ran on this, I made this promise and commitment to the voters of this state and they elected me and I intend to keep that promise,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Enbridge’s Line 5 carries oil through the Straits of Mackinac just west of the Mackinac Bridge.

In May, Nessel vowed to pursue legal action if Governor Gretchen Whitmer could not reach a deal with Enbridge to speed up their timeline of creating a tunnel for Line 5.

Nessel gave them 30 days and time runs out this week.

“We’re really committed to the tunnel project,” said Ryan Duffy, spokesperson for Enbridge.

Enbridge says negotiations between Governor Whitmer and Enbridge have stalled, but they’re not giving up.

“We believe very strongly the tunnel solution is the best long term way to meet energy needs, make the pipeline even safer, and protect natural resources we all treasure in the state,” Duffy said.

Earlier this month, Enbridge filed a lawsuit against the state to uphold their deal with the Snyder Administration.

Attorney General Dana Nessel tells us the state’s response will be out this week, but that’s not all.

“There’s going to be further action coming from my office,” Nessel said. “You’re gonna see some legal cases that are being filed shortly.”

Enbridge says they’re prepared to fight any legal challenges.

“We don’t believe the Governor or the Attorney General would have any legal recourse to shutting the line down as long as we continue to operate it safely,” Duffy said. “If there is any kind of challenge we will defend our position and we believe our legal standing is very strong.”

Nessel says both goals of meeting energy needs and the safety of the Great Lakes can be met at the same time.

“We want to make certain that the Great Lakes are protected and we want to make certain that the energy needs of all our state residents are being met,” Nessel said. “We can do both of those at the same time those are not mutually exclusive.”