BMX Riders Race in State Qualifiers

From two years old to 55 years young, hundreds of BMX racers hit the track Sunday for state qualifiers.

The races happened in Traverse City throughout the day.

Organizers say families came from places like Ohio, Wisconsin and even Canada, just to name a few.

“I love BMX racing. It’s a passion. It’s not so much a sport to us,” said Richard Cebula, the track operator.

Nearly 200 riders competed for a BMX state qualifier at the Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway.

“BMX is coming back and it’s becoming a huge sport again,” said Cebula.

Just ask Gabriel Krumlaus, last year’s state champion.

He says he started racing about ten years ago.

“My uncle was really into it so he kind of got me into it,” said Krumlaus.

The best part for him is simply the fun of it.

“State qualifier, so it’s a really big race. I’m just here to have fun. It’s always fun to see new people,” said Krumlaus.

But 11-year old Dolyn Revolt is looking to win.

“I want to qualify to the mains at least,” said Revolt.

The track operator says he’s always had a passion for BMX.

“I love doing this. I do it for the love of it. I started racing here in ’99 when the track actually opened,” said Cebula.

Now he took it over and says he hopes more and more people give it a try.

“I just love seeing happy kids and happy families,” said Cebula.

He says this family- friendly sport is full of support.

“It doesn’t matter what happens out there on the track. At the finish line, they’re all high fiving and fist pumping and hugging and cheering each other on,” said Cebula.

Local riders start practicing every Tuesday and race every Thursday from the end of April to September.

Anyone wanting to give it a shot, can come check it out for free their first time.