Traverse City DDA Expands, Will Cover Part of Eighth Street

The Traverse City Downtown Development Authority is expanding, taking on more projects including an area already going through a makeover.

The DDA now has a portion of Eighth Street under their wing in hopes of changing the corridor to downtown Traverse City.

The DDA boundaries now extend to Eighth Street from Lake Avenue to Barlow, including the North Boardman Lake District.

Eighth Street remains under construction and will look much different in a few months.

So the DDA said this was really the right time to look at bringing businesses around here into the mix.

They unanimously approved beginning the process of expanding their boundaries.

The board also talked about some of the strengths and challenges that will come with a new 8th Street.

A study that was presented said Eighth Street is designed to support the development of Traverse City and the DDA hopes that by expanding their reach Eighth Street becomes a gateway to downtown.

“We don’t have all the other pieces we have to pay attention to when it comes to running a city, so to have an organization that really focuses on strategies and missions that we can do that implementation on behalf of the city itself,” said Jean Derenzy, Traverse City DDA CEO.

It could take about four months to finalize the boundary expansion by the DDA.