Traverse City DDA Discusses Boundary Expansion to Include Eighth Street

The Traverse City Downtown Development Authority took a big step towards expanding their boundaries this morning.

The board voted unanimously this morning to start the process to include Eight Street within their jurisdiction.

Eighth Street is heavily traveled in Traverse City and currently undergoing major construction.

Businesses from Lake Avenue to Barlow, including the North Boardman Lake District, would stand to benefit.

Stephen Nance is the general manager of Oryana Co-Op in Traverse City.  His business sits near both downtown and Eighth Street and is currently not within the DDA’s boundaries, but that would change under the expansion.

“Eighth Street has been kind of been a barrier in some ways. It’s difficult to cross, now that we change with the new, re-envisioned Eighth Street project taking place, being finalized and finished this fall, it’s going to be walkable, bike able it’s going to have cross walks,” said Nance.

He says being within the DDA would help him with marketing and events and the timing is right with 8th street being remade this summer.

“Even if folks are driving, it’s going to have a natural, I’m going to stop at this business and that’s one of things being part of the DDA will help some of the retail challenges that have existed for years,” said Nance.

DDA CEA Jean Derenzy says there are still several steps to take before finalizing the boundary expansion.

“We will be reaching out to the property owners, we’ll be reaching out to the Boardman neighborhood association and to the businesses, we’ll be working with the north Boardman Lake Association as we have been all along to identify what is that plan, what is the district expansion, what will that be,” said Derenzy.

It could be 3-4 months before everything is finalized.

For a link to the map of the proposed expansion, click here.