Kirtland Community College Closing Roscommon Campus, Transferring Programs to Grayling Campus

Kirtland Community College is closing their Roscommon campus and moving most of their programs.

Aside from their trucking school and shooting range, all programs at the Roscommon campus will transfer to the Grayling campus.

The school says they’re making tons of renovations and additions to put all their students on one centralized campus.

“This is a very popular facility for students. They like to come here,” said Tom Quinn, President of Kirtland Community College.

Kirtland Community College’s Grayling location will soon be the centralized campus for nearly all of the college’s programs.

“We’re finding that our students when we can bring them together, they learn more teamwork, better communication skills,” said Quinn.

The new building to make room for all these students is expected to be completed in fall 2021.

“It is creating a vibrant learning environment for our students,” said Quinn.

As well as an energy efficient one.

“The costs of operations here are just staggering low compared to what we’ve had in the past,” explained Quinn.

Two Cosmetology students affected by the move took a look at some of the new additions Friday.

After seeing them, they say the longer drive is worth it.

“I had my doubts at first because of the extra drive but the fact of I’m going to be getting more hands on with clients and things like that,” said Cassandra Molloy.

“It definitely is probably more convenient for me. I like the drive a lot better because it is just right off the highway so it is a really good location for that,” said Alex Bailey.

They say they’re excited for all the new things that come along with this new location.

“Now we’re all pretty excited to get kind of like new shampoo bowls. It’s kind of more of a modern style and I think it will kind of just improve the overall experience and atmosphere of the building,” said Bailey.