Grayling Businesses Expecting to See More Kirtland Community College Students

Businesses in Grayling are looking forward to having more Kirtland Community College students in town.

Their Roscommon campus is closing and almost all of those programs are being transferred to the Grayling campus.

They say with the transition, they expect more business from students. 

Paddle Hard Brewing in Downtown Grayling already noticed students in their restaurant and coffee shop and say it’s great for the community.

They see the transition as positive for everyone.

“I think Grayling being a small town, you know every dollar that we can get to come into our community and spend is a positive, so having that many more students just near Grayling makes a huge impact on the economic side but also the amount of people who are walking our streets,” said Dave Vargo, owner of Paddle Hard Brewing.

Nearly all Kirtland Community College students are expected to be at the Grayling campus in fall 2021.