Experts Predict Extra Mosquitoes This Summer Season

While many break out the camping gear and swimsuits for the first weekend of the summer, you’ll probably want to invest in some good bug spray.

Experts say we can expect extra mosquitoes this year.

They will be worse this year because of the wet spring we saw and the warm summer expected.

Mosquitoes love water and with this year’s high lake levels, shoreline flooding has created breeding grounds where mosquitoes can multiply.

“We’re really going to see a boom of mosquitoes starting really soon,” said MSU extension entomologist Nate Walton. “There are certain mosquitoes that really benefit from things like our drainage ditches and our retention ponds filling up with water. They’ll have eggs that are on the shores of that water bodies and when that fills up, the eggs will hatch.”

To fend off the ‘skeeters, fishing expert Matt Hartman recommends clothing and repellent with the ingredient permethrin.

“Permethrin is designed specifically to be applied to clothing not to your skin, and it’s shown by the CDC to be effective against ticks as well, which is great,” said Hartman, who works at Northern Angler in Traverse City.

Traverse City State Park supervisor Stephanie Rosinski says campers should always pack supplies to defend against mosquitoes.

“We like to tell our campers to make sure they have their mosquito repellent on,” said Rosinski. “There’s natural sprays, there’s stuff you can buy over the counter.”