DTE and Consumers Energy Celebrating 50 Years of Clean Energy

DTE and Consumers Energy are celebrating 50 more years of clean energy at the Ludington Pump Storage Facility.

The Ludington Pump Storage Facility opened in 1973.

Since then, they’ve had a 50 year license agreement to create clean, renewable energy.

Thursday, they celebrated the facility’s operating license renewal.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave them the green light to continue for 50 more years.

The plant produces energy by sending water down a reservoir to spin six turbines, each capable of generating 400 megawatts of power.

“This facility not only will be able to reliably provide power, clean power to Michigan for the next 50 years but that we take everyone’s interest in mind and make sure we come up with an agreement which works for everyone,” said John Broschak of Consumers Energy.

The facility is on the verge of finishing an $800 million project to upgrade the six turbines used to generate power.