Chippewa County Parents Charged in Connection to Death of Three Month Old Baby

Two Chippewa County parents are now charged in connection to the death of their three month old baby. 

Leeann Yiirs and Dalton Saxton have been charged with manslaughter and second degree child abuse.

Both Yiirs and Saxton appeared in court Thursday to face charges for the death od their three month old baby. 

It comes after Chippewa County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to reports of a baby not breathing at a Kincheloe home on May 1. 

That child was three month old Annalaya, who was later pronounced dead due to suffocation. 

From there, deputies launched an investigation that connected Annalaya’s parents, Yiirs and Saxton, to her death. 

Detectives determined the parent’s intoxication played a role in her death. 

Court documents say Yiirs was co-sleeping with Annalaya while intoxicated. Court documents accuse Saxton of voluntarily becoming intoxicated, leaving Annalaya with no sober caregiver. 

A judge has set Yiirs’ bond at $5,000 and Saxton’s at $100,000. They are expected back in court in July. 

If convicted on both charges, Yiirs and Saxton could face up to 25 years in prison.