2nd Annual Clean Water Symposium Discusses Water Quality Conservation

Environmentalists from around Northern Michigan came together to talk about how we can preserve the quality of our lakes.

The Leelanau Conservancy held their 2nd Annual Clean Water Symposium on Wednesday, June 19.

The event was at Leelanau Schools in Glen Arbor for environmentalists to collaborate and share ideas on how to protect our water here in Northern Michigan.

Keynote Speaker John Hartig says, “Beautiful places like this you want to protect, preserve, and conserve this to never get to a polluted state. The more people you have, the more industries you have, the more concrete and asphalt that you have, the more problems you have.”

Rob Karner is the chair of Leelanau Clean Water. His concern is with the pollution from septic systems.

“People don’t often realize that they even have a septic system, much less know that they’re polluting the ground water,” Karner says.

Other considerations included how to protect Northern Michigan’s forests and fish that populate our shorelines. According to Tricia Denton from the Glen Lake Association, it’s recommended 25% of a shoreline should be left in a natural state for endangered species.

“That doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy their access with a beach, but if we share enough of it with the critters that need a place to live as well, it’s good for our water and it’s good for us and our enjoyment and for our property values,” Denton says.


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