Light of Day Organics: Doing Good and Feeling Good with a Cup of Tea

Have you ever wondered where your cup of tea came from? You probably assumed it didn’t come from Michigan but it could. Light of Day Organics in Traverse City is the only Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic Tea Farm in North America. In other words this tea farm is the gold standard for organic and uses a lunar calendar to help guide their harvesting and planting.

Owner of Light of Day Organics, Angela Macke says, “When I first started learning about tea I didn’t know this about how much labor it took and about the ethics in the tea industry. I left my job as an open heart nurse to start teaching about the virtues of tea because of all the incredible health benefits.”

Health benefits that are widely studied and don’t come cheap. Angela says for someone to work a fair living wage picking the tea leaves, your one pound bag could cost upwards of 400 dollars. It takes 70,000 tea leaves to equal just one pound of tea and takes four full days to pick.

“It’s so labor intensive because to accomplish and achieve those whole leaves, they can only be picked by hand. You can’t pick them by machine without hurting the plant or breaking the machine,” says Angela Macke.

Light of Day harvests about 2,000 plants per year and is able to grow tea with the help of their Hoop Houses. A controlled environment giving tea the chance to flourish right here in the mitten state.

This local business has all their bases covered. They have their hands in all aspects of the business from ground to cup. “We’re our own grower, processor, producer and distributor so that’s something that’s very unique for us. We like to have control of our product the whole time,” says Owner Angela Macke.

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