Governor Whitmer Asking Federal Government to Assist Michigan Farmers Through Wet Season

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is asking the federal government to help Michigan farmers who are plagued by wet weather this growing season.

Right now, farmers are dealing with the third wettest year in state history.

That has Governor Whitmer asking the USDA for a disaster designation for the state and for more flexibility in the federal crop insurance program.

The Governor says the wet weather has left farmers with about three and a half days with good enough conditions for field work.

The Govenor says that number came as of June 9th.

Leaving the state’s crops under planted, like corn and soybean taking significant losses.

Governor Whitmer is asking the USDA to cover excessive moisture or ponding to be covered under congress’ recently approved $3 billion agricultural disaster assistance.

The full letter Governor Whitmer sent to the USDA can be found here.